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Ongoing training

The Judicial Academy organizes trainings for judges within the scope of its legally assigned competences,
prosecutors, judicial and prosecutorial assistants and judicial and prosecutorial staff within the permanent training program.

The permanent training program of the Judicial Academy is adopted for each calendar year and includes
planned training program in the field of criminal, civil, labor, economic, administrative, misdemeanor
rights, rights of the European Union and human rights, with a special focus on current topics in the field
environmental law, domestic violence, children's rights, financial investigations, corruption and the like. Too,
the permanent training program also includes a wide range of training in the field of special knowledge and skills.

The Judicial Academy brings a special program in relation to the users of the initial training, which in addition
work program with a mentor, have a specifically defined training program in the form of seminars and workshops.

Judicial Academy in cooperation with the Chamber of Public Executors, the Chamber of Notaries Public and others
professional organizations creates and implements a special training program for judicial professions.

The Judicial Academy also implements a training program for mentors and lecturers engaged in
the trainings that it organizes and in order to better prepare the users of the initial training for the function of a judge i

Ongoing training

special programs, trainings and exams

Training of mentors and lecturers

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Independent, impartial, professional, efficient and accountable judiciary.


Create the prerequisites for the development of professionalism in holders of judiciary office by establishing clear, measurable and objective criteria for the election and career advancement and their training and professional development, in line with core values and principles the judiciary system is founded on.


Develop and conduct training programmes for holders of judiciary offices and other staff in the judiciary system, aimed at acquiring new knowledge and its promotion, development of special abilities and skills, to contribute to strengthening of professional and accountable judiciary system.